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Court Shoes

Court Shoes

Stylish Shoes
Executive Summary about Court Shoes by Joe Denver

Court shoes are often referred to as pumps.

Court shoes with any height of heel are a great little standby, with a medium heel they are heaven to wear and are a good all rounder. Pumps are the perfect shoes for emergency business meetings or casual evening wear.

Court shoes can be functional or glamorous and are fantastic shoes for daily wear. They come in thousands of colours, materials and styles and a true court shoe has a closed in toe and heel.

Elegant, stylish and comfortable, Jacqui Kennedy wore them with style to complement her tailored suits and pillbox hats.

Top designers have created court shoes for a number of celebrities. Coco Chanel was one of the designers who made the court shoe fashionable for a host of famous women. 

Avoiding Injuries in Squash
Executive Summary about Court Shoes by Peter Ku

Warm-Up. It's still amazing how many squash players simply step onto the court and start playing.

Court Shoes. Great and proper-fitting court shoes are very hard to find because everyone has different feet. Shoes that may work perfectly well for someone's long-time squash buddy of 15 years may be disastrous for the next person. Among other things, one's long-time squash buddy may have wider feet, crooked feet, some may pronate and others supinate.

After many years of playing squash, it is the opinion of the author that the best shoes to wear for squash are heavily padded mid-top basketball shoes.

Traditional court shoes tend not to fit as snugly and, as a result, feet can slip inside the shoe, particularly during sharp turns.

Racquets. The piece of equipment that most squash players usually get right is the racquet. That's because squash players, like golfers, spend a lot of time obsessing about their racquets. That said, like court shoes, choice of racquets is a very personal decision.

First, the racquet must be able to absorb vibration so as not to transfer that vibration to the arm of the racquet holder. Arm vibration will eventually result in a very painful condition known as tendonitis. Many players play with cheap "starter" racquets that are either poor quality to begin with or are strung with poor quality strings, as a result of which significant vibration is transferred to the player's arm. Over time, playing with a low quality racquet is simply not worth it.

Relatively weak players and even most advanced players should consider playing with racquets that weigh no more than 140 grams. There is a characteristic of the racquet known as swing weight and, although this is not precise, the heavier the racquet, the greater the swing weight. Strings are not expensive, so they should be replaced frequently, more frequently than most avid squash players realize.

Hydration. Why water? Because of the intense nature of the game of squash, squash players build up tremendous amounts of lactic acid in their large muscles groups, particularly leg and back muscles.

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Soft Shoes

Soft Shoes

The Many Various Steps in Irish Dancing

Executive Summary about Soft Shoes by Brendan Hiqqins

Just like other dances from around the world, Irish dances are opportunities to socialize and to perform for family and friends as well as admirers.

Lest you go into thinking that Irish dancing is just the step dancing of the highly popular Riverdance and Lord of the Dance performance, think again. Irish dances are as varied, as colorful and as engaging as Irish culture itself.

Social Irish Dances

The first category of Irish dances is the social dances, which are further classified into set dancing and céilí dancing.

Both are performed as part of daily life although these dances can also be enjoyed on stage, thanks to changes in perception of the differences of venue between social and performance dances.

Set dances are performed by four couples in quadrille fashion. You can choose from more than 70 set dances in the Irish dance repertoire, all of which share basic dance steps and terms although with significant variations once the music starts playing.

Just to name a few of the céilí dances, there are the popular The Waves of Tory, The Walls of Limerick, and the Bonfire Dance.

Performance Dances

As previously mentioned, performance Irish dancing was made popular by theRiverdance and the Lord of the Dance shows.

Stepdancing is performed using either soft shoes or hard shoes.

The costumes hark back to the old times of Irish dances although modern variations are being introduced.
Irish dancing is for everybody.

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Shoes Footwear

Shoes Footwear

Hiking Boots and Walking Shoes Footwear Review
Executive Summary about Shoes Footwear by Charlotte Green

If you adore walking, hiking and exploring the great outdoors then chances are that you'll have a pretty smart pair of walking shoes or hiking boots. 

Hiking Boots and Walking Shoe Factors

The specification and qualities of hiking boots and walking shoes is endless.If choosing a high cut boot then it would be worthwile to check whether the boot has been designed with a Bellows tongue. The Bellows tongue acts as an supplementary aid to waterproofing with the tongue of the boot being stitched all the way to the top of the boot instead of the stitching stopping where the laces start. The seams on the shoe or boot need to have taped seams to prevent water getting through.

Comfortable walking shoes

The soles of walking shoes and hiking boots vary widely. A Phylon midsole aids cushioning, comfort and flexibility when walking or running. 

A boot with a rubber midsole is ideal for use when working on construction sites.
Technical Information

A Frame flex midsole provides 3 dimensional support, rigidity and flex throughout the natural cycle of movement during walking or running. This is a helpful feature in both walking shoes and hiking boots and offers added support and comfort. 

Lacing is often a key factor with hiking boots and walking shoes; metal eyelets offer a way of speed lacing and tightening the boot or shoe. 

Kid's Baby Shoes, Footwear and Apparel
Executive Summary about Shoes Footwear by Eric Herskowitz

Many parents always buy the best clothes and toys for their babies. 

All babies when they start to walk will need a pair of kid's baby shoes. Unlike adults, buying kid's baby shoes can be quite a difficult task. 

So all the onus of buying the right kid's baby shoes rest with the parent.

Most babies start to walk around 12-15 months. Initially one should allow the baby to walk around bare foot to allow them to get acquainted with the floor. 

One other reason to buy kid's baby shoes is protect the foot from the floor- which may be cold and dirty.

When buying kids baby shoes it is important to look for shoes that are comfortable, flexible and easy to put on. 

Buy shoes made from decent fabrics which allow aeration. The next thing to look for in a baby shoe is the sole. Buy shoes with soles that have traction. 

So get shoes with traction to limit the falls. 

The next thing to remember is do not buy kid's baby shoes which are prohibitively expensive or decorative. All infants grow and in no time they will out grow their shoes. 

One should not buy Kid's baby shoes that come with laces. 

There are many styles, designs and brands of kid's baby shoes. 

The most important thing is not to buy cheap plastic shoes. 

So there is absolutely no need to buy kid's baby shoes which appear like hiking shoes or military boots.

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